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GENETISHRED represents the latest advancement in non stimulant based fat burning powder.  Burning body fat is a process that can be frustrating for so many.  Everywhere you turn a new diet is being touted and a new break through fat burner is being promoted.  Genetishred was developed to naturally attack fat burning from multiple angles.   First of all….what is fat?  Fat is nothing more than stored energy.  We never actually lose fat cells.  We just lose the contents that were in those cells.  As the fat exits the cell, the cells slowly decrease in size.  Fat is actually burned deep within the mitochondria found within muscle tissue.  Because of this fact, it is imperative that muscle is not lost during the fat burning process. Genetishred MUST be used in conjunction with a proper diet and intense exercise.  It is not a magic bullet.  It will only assist if diet and exercise are effectively implemented.


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